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Research lines

Catalytic membrane reactors

Catalytic membrane reactors couple chemical reactions with membrane separation technology providing compact systems with improved performance (selectivities and/or yields). We pay special attention to the design of cutting-edge membrane reactors but also to test the reactors performance and long-term stability for the next generation of renewable fuel and chemicals production, and CO2 valorization systems.


Membrane technology

We have wide expertise on the production and characterization of mixed ionic electronic conducting membranes at bench and prototype scales. These high temperature membranes would find application where high purity oxygen or hydrogen is required.


Process intensification

With the intensification of chemical processes, we employ engineering tools to obtain substantially cleaner, safer, and more sustainable technologies. We focus on the design, simulation and optimization of novel processes and units with increased energy efficiency.


Electrochemical conversion & storage devices

Fuel cells and electrolysers are electrochemical devices that directly convert/store the chemical energy into/from electrical energy. In particular, we focus on the fabrication and characterization of Solid oxide fuel/electrolyser cells (SOFC/SOECs) and Protonic ceramic fuel/electrolyser cells (PCFC/PCECs).


Heterogeneous catalysis

Catalysts are used in almost 90% of chemical processes, which can give an idea of the importance of catalysis in chemistry. At the ITQ, catalysis is applied mainly in crude oil refinement and petrochemistry, but also in chemical processes to obtain high added-value chemicals. 

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