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We are very excited to announce that Prof. Jose M. Serra, Group Leader of the Energy Storage and Conversion Group is the new director of ITQ.
Congratulations, Jose!

28 October 2022 

Link to the CSIC press release (spanish):

You can read the complete press release here (english):
LINK to the pdf


Jose Serra and Laura Almar from ECS Group attend the second Electrochemistry Day on the 21th October at the Marie Curie Auditorium of the University of Valencia Science Park, a scientific conference with renowned national and international speakers from academy and business addressing different disciplines related to electrochemistry and energy materials.

It will review and discuss the state of the art in areas such as:

- Electro- and photocatalysis for the production of green hydrogen.
- The development of novel batteries (organic, lithium, rechargeable alkaline or hybrid supercapacitors).
- Fundamental aspects of electrochemistry such as conducting polymers, artificial muscles, new electrochemical processes or forefront in-operando measurements.

You can check the list of invited speakers in the full program:

If you are interested in attending, please register by clicking on this link: 


From the 4-6th October 2022, the International Fair on Environmental Solutions and Ecologic Transition, ecoFIRA, will take place in Valencia.

On its 19th edition, the fair is the meeting point of companies and public organizations, showcasing the latest advances in an efficient enviromental management.

Prof. Serra (ITQ) will represent ECS group at the Eco Chemical Solutions symposium organized by Quimacova at the eco FIRA, with a talk on “Enabling technologies for the decarbonization of industrial processes”. The talk will be on October 6th, from 13:00 to 13:30.

Here is the link for more details:


On 5th October, UPV will host an INNOTRANFER event focus on Decarbonization, specifically on the Challenges and Opportunities of Green hydrogen.

Our Group Leader, Prof. Serra, will participate in the symposium with a talk on the “Electrification and decarbonization of the processes industry”.

More details and registration (free) in the following link:


In the frame of the EU project eCOCO2, ITQ has organized and hosted the workshop H2 and Proton Conducting Technologies, on the 4th October 2022 

This event started with the welcome session by Prof. J. M. Serra, project coordinator. It was followed by two plenary talks by colleagues from Kyushu University in Japan, who also collaborate in eCOCO2. First, Prof, Matsumoto with an overview of SOFC and SOEC with proton-conducting oxides, followed by Prof. Leonard with a talk on the development of highly efficient proton ceramic electrolyzers. The workshop finished with two keynote talks by Prof. Catalá, from ITACA (UPV), with a presentation on “Microwave-driven direct production of H2 and chemical energy-carriers”, and last Dr. Escolástico, with a talk on “Direct electrocatalytic CO2 reduction in a tubular protonic membrane reactor”.



Interview to Antonio Chica: “Hydrogen as a means to meet energy needs”
15th July 2022

Antonio Chica talks about the use of hydrogen in an interview offered by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, UCM.

You can read the news if you click this LINK (SPANISH):

Translation to ENGLISH


Interview to Jose Serra: “We have it all: technology and renewable resources. It is an opportunity for Spain and this time we only need to do it, get on the train of the third industrial revolution”
30th June 2022

The Group Leader Jose M. Serra Alfaro talks about the use of hydrogen in rail transport in an interview offered by EL PAIS.

You can read the news if you click this LINK (SPANISH):

Translation to ENGLISH


Jose Serra engages in the Renewable Hydrogen Generation panel of experts at the OPEN ROOM event: “GENERACIÓN DE HIDRÓGENO RENOVABLE: POSIBILIDADES DE PRODUCCIÓN Y PERSPECTIVAS” led by FUNDACIÓN REPSOL and the University of Mondragón next Thursday 16th of June at 10:00 am

Fundación Repsol and the University of Mondragón invites you to the event “Generation of renewable hydrogen: Production possibilities and perspectives” focused on the topic of renewable hydrogen generation from a broad perspective and a multi-technological approach, which will cover the different technologies that will be available in the market, as well as the construction of the value chain and the uses of hydrogen.

Follow the online event here


Jose Serra, ECS Group leader, attends the round-table event: “CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO EN LAS EMPRESAS” led by the digital newspaper EL ESPAÑOL in collaboration with ACCIONA next Wednesday 15th of June at 10:00 am

The end of fossil fuels, the leadership of renewables, geopolitical polarization. These and other key aspects are changing society, governments and, of course, also companies, at a very rapid pace, which have to change their strategies to deal with this acceleration and determining aspects such as inflation, chains of supply – less globalized? -, or social justice. In the midst of this scenario, the fight against climate change is making its way.
What will that transition process be like? Which sectors will be more prepared? What role will large companies play?

EL ESPAÑOL, in collaboration with ACCIONA, wants to show those voices that can help us better understand climate change and how to act in the transition.
Jose Serra will dialogue about how industrial decarbonization can be a determining factor in the role that companies play in the fight against climate change.

Follow the event live through the link 


Students from ECS group participate at the EHEC 2022 Conference

Our colleagues Imanol Quina and Aitor Domínguez, PhD students from our team, participated at the European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2022, Europe's conference of reference in the field of hydrogen energy, that was held in Madrid on May 18-20th.

Congratulations for your work and contributions! 


Colleagues from ECS Group participated at Pint of Science 2022 festival

Our colleagues Aitor, Fidel, Laura N., Alfonso and Marwan participated at Pint of Science 2022 in Valencia and co-organised by the ITQ. The international Science Festival invites the most cutting-edge researchers to share their knowledge with you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Thank you to all participants for sharing your knowledge with us also at the bar!!


Researchers from our team participate in the development of a new hydrogen production system published in 'Science'.

The international team, in which the ITQ Energy Conversion and Storage group forms part, developed a new electrified reactor to obtain hydrogen in a more sustainable and energy efficient way.

The team has successfully combined 36 individual ceramic membranes into a modular, scalable generator that produces hydrogen from electricity and various fuels with almost zero energy loss. It is for the first time demonstrated that it is possible to obtain hydrogen industrially with this technology.

Congratulations for the great job and achievement!

Read complete press release of the CSIC-Delegación Comunitat Valenciana



Interview to Jose Serra: "Most fuel and aviation companies are focusing on the use of CO₂"

The Group Leader Jose M. Serra Alfaro talks about the role of e-fuels as one more alternative to decarbonize transport and how their production can be a boost for the development of the Spanish industry in an interview offered by Cinco Días.

You can read the news if you click this LINK (spanish)


11 February International Day of Women and Girls in Science: "Women and Science at School"

On the occasion of 11 February, the ITQ has organised a series of talks in different primary, secondary and high schools, in which representatives from all levels of the world of research will talk to students about the role of women in science, as well as their own personal experience, with the aim of offering models with which girls and young women who wish to pursue a scientific career can identify.

This activity, which we have been carrying out at the ITQ since 2019, will be attended in this edition by 25 female scientists and 20 educational centres, some of them from our group.


Elena Barrio Querol, Master's student, has been awarded with the 2021 ERCROS - Aragon Hydrogen Foundation Prize

Elena Barrio Querol current Master student in our group has been awarded for her work "Design and optimization of electrodes for a co-ionic membrane reactor" supervised by Laura Almar, of the 2021 ERCROS Award - Aragón Hydrogen Foundation for the best Bachelor Thesis in the 2nd Announcement of the Aragón Hydrogen Foundation Awards. Congratulations!


Researcher position available at the Energy conversion and storage group in "Electrochemical membrane reactors (ECMR)"

The Energy conversion and storage group (Group leader: José M. Serra Alfaro) is seeking for a Postdoctoral researcher to work in the area of Catalytic membrane reactors to strength the electrochemical testing capability and the performance and long-term stability attributes of the next generation of renewable fuels, chemicals and CO2 valorisation systems.

The group welcomes PhD or equivalent achievement with four years dedicated in the field of chemical engineering, material science, electrochemistry and related fields.

Applicants should send a motivation letter to
and a detailed CV.

-> LINK to more details (English)


PhD position available at the Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ, Valencia) in “Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO/CO2 to Value-Added Fuels and Chemicals”

The selected candidate will be offered a
1-year pre-doctoral contract extendible
to 4 years.

The PhD thesis will be associated to the “Sustainable Chemistry” doctoral programme of the Polytechnic University of Valencia  (UPV): 

Interested candidates should send a CV and a motivation letter by email to Prof. Agustín Martínez (
before January 31, 2022.

-> LINK to more details (English)
-> Enlace a oferta completa (Castellano)


We participated at the Science and Technology Week, one of the main events for the communication of science in Spain.

The research centres of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Comunitat Valenciana are celebrating the 21st edition of Science and Technology Week this November with various proposals for popularising science. This great event, which this year will once again include virtual activities but also face-to-face, has the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), which depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ, CSIC - UPV) has edited a couple of videos, published yesterday on ITQ YouTube channel.
Our colleagues prepared the video entitled "Electrification of industry from electrochemical reactors", with the participation of the ITQ researchers David Catalán, Sonia Remiro and Sonia Escolástico.

Read more

CSIC launches PTI + TransEner an interdisciplinary thematic platform aimed at sustainable energy transition

The network integrates research groups of different specialties such as chemistry, microelectronics and materials that will collaborate with the industrial sector. The platform is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Chica Lara (ITQ) and Dr. Clara Blanco Rodríguez (INCAR).

The group activities are divided in five thematic areas: 1) Renewable generation; 2) Efficient storage; 3) Industrial decarbonization; 4) Hydrogen technologies; 5) Electrification. The Industrial Decarbonization Area is led by José Manuel Serra.

Platform presentation takes place on 26th October 2021 live streaming on YouTube

Nota de prensa CSIC comunicación (español)


Reunión Bienal de la Sociedad Española de Catálisis  SECAT'21 


Our colleagues Aitor, Andrés and Alfonso have presented the latest results of the Energy Storage and Conversion group at the SECAT 2021 conference held at UPV and organized by ITQ. We are very happy to be back at in-person conferences!

Leer noticia completa del ITQ (español)


 Universitat Politècnica de València Closing Ceremony 2020-2021

La Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) ended on 23rd July the 2020-2021 academic year with its solemn closing ceremony. During the closing ceremony 2020-2021, the new doctors who have received the Extraordinary Award for their Doctoral Thesis were invested. One award was given to our colleague David Catalán, congratulations!


The white paper Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy, coordinated by the researchers José Manuel Serra Alfaro, (ITQ) and Domingo Pérez Coll (ICV) has been published by CSIC

The Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy white paper, coordinated by the researchers José Manuel Serra Alfaro and Domingo Pérez Coll, and in which researchers from the group participated, explores the future energy challenges for a more sustainable world. The impact of conventional energy production technologies on human health and the environment has promoted the development of transition policies towards a new energy sector model. Under this scenario, it is essential to identify the challenges that favor a clean, safe and efficient energy system, focused on energy production and storage systems, as well as on the existing management resources and their emissions.

Read the complete press release
Link to the white book


David Catalán Martínez, member of the Energy Conversion and Storage Group, has been awarded with the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award from the UPV

David has received the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award. David's thesis entitled “Development of electrocatalytic layers and thermo-fluid dynamic evaluation for high temperature membrane reactors” supervised by Prof. José M. Serra focuses on the development of electrodes for high temperature proton tubular cells and on the evaluation by means of finite methods of membrane reactors based on these materials. This thesis has generated 6 publications in high impact factor journals and 2 patents.


Interview to Jose Serra: "There is no roadmap for decarbonization in sectors that consume a lot of energy"

The Group Leader Jose M. Serra Alfaro was interviewed by ValenciaPlaza.

You can watch the VIDEO and read the news at the following link:


The CO2SMOS project has officially
been launched

The Energy Conversion and Storage Group from the ITQ (CSIC) participates in the Horizon 2020 EU Project awarded with 7M€ from the European Union CO2SMOS - Advanced chemicals production from biogenic CO2 emissions for circular bio-based industries.

The CO2SMOS project consortium, led by the CARTIF Technology Center, counts on the wide expertise and high interdisciplinarity of 15 international partners and will, in the next 4 years, develop a set of breakthrough and cost-competitive CO2 conversion technologies.

The CO2SMOS project will develop solutions to transform the carbon emissions generated from bioprocesses (e.g. fermentation) into different sustainable bioproducts: durable polymers, renewable biochemicals and biodegradable materials. With these compounds it is possible to produce greener end-products such as packaging, coatings, textiles and materials for biomedical applications. The demonstration of the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of the different CO2SMOS technologies will allow the design of an integrated platform of CO2 conversion processes for BBIs. This will help achieve zero or even negative carbon emissions as well as replacing fossil-based chemicals with more sustainable ones using renewable sources (green H2 and biomass) and CO2 as main raw materials.
The scale-up and demonstration of the CO2-derived intermediates will take place at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

For more information, please read the project press release: Converting CO2 emissions from bio-based industries into sustainable chemicals to mitigate climate change

Introduction to research scholarship

Prof. Jose M. Serra Alfaro offers a research scholarship for Master Students with a high level of academic performance:

Duration: 6 months from 01/09/2021  to 15/07/2022.

Place: Instituto de Tecnología Química ITQ (UPV-CSIC), Valencia, Spain.

Scholarship: 600 euros/month  
(20 hours per week).

Code: JAEIntro-2021-ITQ-05. Desarrollo de electrodos para la conversión selectiva de CO2.

All information available on:



A new article and cover has been released in the last Issue of Materials Advances.

A recent article prepared and designed by A. J. Carrillo et al. has been selected by the scientific journal Material Advances, to be published on the cover of its latest issue.

Link to the Materials Advances article 


FACSA-FOVASA Chair of Water, Waste and Circular Economy of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) organise the Webinar:
“H2 verde y su generación a partir de fuentes renovables”
that will take place next Tuesday 18th of May at 10:00 am.

A meeting in which the main strategic lines of the administration will be addressed, the current situation of the EU, and of Spain in particular, regarding infrastructures and technologies used to obtain hydrogen, its storage and transport, as well as its different applications.

The event will bring together numerous experts, including José Manuel Serra Alfaro, Research Professor from the ITQ, performing: " Tecnologías habilitadoras para la producción de H2 verde a través de recursos sostenibles."

You can consult the complete agenda and the registration form following the link: 


NEW VIDEO New thermal engine
without emissions:
from Valencia, everything
you need to know. Revolution?

Interview for CARWOW with JF Calero in spanish.
The revolutionary engine designed and being developed at the UPV in Valencia, by researchers from  ITQ and CMT-Motores Térmicos is based on the use of an oxycombustion membrane capable of generating as waste only water and CO2 which is capture, without tailpipe.

NEW Press release about
Hydrogen production by microwaves

Solar News magazine has dedicated an article to the technology developed by researchers from ITACA (UPV) and ITQ (CSIC), a method that transforms electricity into hydrogen or chemical products, applying exclusively microwave power.

It is a revolution in the field of energy research and a key advance for the industrial decarbonization process, as well as for the future of sectors such as the automotive or chemical industry, among many others. 

Link to the magazine (page 20-22):


iCAREPLAST Newsletter 4, November 2020

The 4th Newsletter of the Horizon 2020 project iCAREPLAST, coordinated by José M. Serra,
is already available online.

Topics featured in this number include:

• What is KERIONICS and their rol in the project.
• iCAREPLAST joined Plastics Circularity
Multiplier (PCM) event.
• Dissemination activities and upcoming events.

Link to the iCAREPLAST Newsletter 4


Cycle of conferences on molecular sieves with participation of ITQ researchers

On November 17th, the cycle of conferences on molecular sieves will start, organized by Sibele, Unv. Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Antonio Chica, researcher at ITQ, will give a lecture on November 20th about catalysts and energy. Registration is free of charge.

Full programme and registration:


Hydrogen production by microwaves. 
This technology, developed by researchers from our team at ITQ and ITACA has been published in the latest edition of Nature Energy and patented by the UPV and CSIC.

The technology enables the transformation of green electric energy into hydrogen by the sole application of microwaves. This technique opens the door to new, simpler and energy-efficient routes to store renewable energy and produce both synthetic fuels and green chemicals. Its use can be a key solution in the transition towards the decarbonisation in transportation and industry sectors.
Read the complete press release
Link to the Nature Energy article


Our Group participates in a new European project (Life-Superbiodiesel) that is committed to the development of new catalytic technologies to produce biodiesel from residual animal fats, 20/10/2020

Superbiodiesel project aims to produce advanced biofuels through catalytic processes from residual fats from the leather tanning industry.


The project aims at a comprehensive recovery of meat waste:

- The protein fraction will be refined to obtain derivatives with high added value. 

- The fat will be valued as an advanced biofuel.

To do this, a demonstration plant will be built at the ORGANOVAC facilities, which will use catalysts developed at the Instituto de Tecnología Química (Antonio Chica, ITQ-CSIC, Energy Conversion and Storage Group) in Valencia, and will have biofuel validation obtained by Cepsa. 

One of the main advantages of the project is the use of unrefined fats, avoiding pre-treatment stages and reducing the generation of waste. Furthermore, the biofuel complies with the standards of the European Renewable Energy Directive for advanced biofuels (EU 2018/2001, december 21st, 2018), since it is obtained using waste from other industries, so it does not compete in food markets or require agricultural activities with high environmental impact such as deforestation, water consumption or indirect CO2 emissions.

The project has been financed within the framework of the European LIFE 2019 Climate Change Mitigation program and has the participation of the Asociación de Investigación de la industria del Juguete, related and allied-AIJU (coordinator), Fundación IMDEA Energía, Asociación de Investigación para la industria del Calzado and related, ORGANOVAC SL, Universidad de Murcia, Instituto de Tecnología Química ITQ-CSIC (Energy Conversion and Storage Group) and Cepsa.

Project launch press releases (english):

-> Haz clic en este link para leer la noticia en español

Antonio Chica, researcher and member of the Energy Conversion and Storage Group at the ITQ, talks about hydrogen as a key element for a CO2-free economy, 15/10/2020

Our ITQ colleague Antonio Chica, along with Javier Brey, president of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), talk about hydrogen as a key element for a CO2-free economy in an interview offered by BBVA.


Project for the disinfection / sanitation of public transport with ozone.

Our Group participates in a project for the disinfection of public transport with ozone led by the company Levantina, Ingeniería y Construcciones-Vareser.

Levantina, Ingeniera y Construcción (LiC) and Vareser 96 S.L have developed an ozone disinfection system, in collaboration with different groups of the UPV and the CSIC (ITQ and IATA Energy Conversion and Storage group), which has been successfully tested on the Valencia tram and metro.

One of the innovations presented by the disinfection technology developed is its zero ozone emission into the atmosphere. It is in this part of the project where our research group has worked, collaborating in the development of a catalytic system that allows the total elimination of the excess ozone, after carrying out the disinfection treatment, thus avoiding its emission into the atmosphere. Although the system has already been successfully tested in the tram and metro, it could be applied with the same guarantees in any other type of public transport such as trains and planes. Currently, the company already has a commercial catalog where it offers the recently developed disinfection service.

-> Haz clic en este link para leer la noticia en español


Alfonso wins la Caixa Junior Leader
Fellowship 2020


Alfonso Carrillo has been awarded with a Postdoctoral Junior Leader “Incoming” Fellowship by la Caixa Foundation, which will allow him to continue developing his project at the ITQ (UPV - CSIC) for the next 3 years. Congratulations Alfonso!

Hydrogen generator design: EU selects platform developed by ITQ researchers as excellent innovation with high market potential

The GamerEfficiencySizing (GES) calculation platform, created for the European research project GAMER (Game changer in high temperature steam electrolysers with novel tubular cells and stacks geometry for pressurized hydrogen production) and developed by José Manuel Serra and David Catalán, members of the Energy Conversion and Storage research group of the ITQ (CSIC-UPV), has been selected by Innovation Radar, an initiative of the European Commission that identifies the excellent innovations developed in the European Union (EU) with high market potential.

-> Read the complete Press Release and
more about the tool
-> Haz clic en este link para leer en español


Researchers from ITQ and CMT-Motores Térmicos design a new internal combustion engine that does not emit gases that are harmful to health or CO2

It is based on the use of ceramic membranes that eliminate all polluting gases that are harmful to health (NOx), capture their own and atmospheric CO2 and liquefy it. It is a "revolutionary" engine, say its creators, which complies with the emission regulations scheduled for 2040 and stands out for its high efficiency. The first two prototypes of this engine will see the light in the coming months, thanks to funding from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI).

-> Haz clic en este link para leer en español
-> Nota de prensa completa en español


PhD Defense - Nuria Bausá Martínez
25/5/2020 12:00

The act of defense of the doctoral thesis of Nuria Bausá Martínez entitled "High temperature electrolysers based on proton ceramics" will take place on Monday 25/5 at 12:00 through a videoconference on the MS TEAMS platform.

José Manuel Serra, ITQ researcher, awarded with the 2018 Scientific Challenge Award from Air Liquide 15/07/2019

The proposed research, entitled Lower-CO2 H2. How to produce cost competitive hydrogen while reducing greenhouse gas emission, focuses on obtaining hydrogen in a very energy efficient and economically competitive way while minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases. The work has as its starting point a previous development made by the ITQ team – led by Jose M. Serra – in collaboration with the multinational Coorstek M.S.


Article published in Nature Materials

An international team with participation of the ITQ, has developed an electrolysis system that allows to obtain hydrogen under pressure more efficiently 


H2 cleaner than electricity

Researchers from our team developed a new electrified reactor to obtain hydrogen in a more sustainable and energy efficient way.

New thermal engine without emissions from Valencia

Interview for CARWOW with JF Calero
in spanish

eCOCO2: project presentation

Direct electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 into chemical energy carriers
in a co-ionic membrane reactor.

iCAREPLAST: project presentation

Integrated Catalytic Recycling of Plastic Residues Into Added-Value Chemicals

J. M. Serra, laureate of the Air Liquide Scientific Challenge

How to produce cost competitive hydrogen while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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